Heavy rain with storm in Ujjain, many idols of ‘Mahakal Lok’ damaged, entry closed for now

ujjain mahakal lok damage

Ujjain: Life in the city got thrown out of gear due to a sudden thunderstorm and rain on Sunday evening. Six of the seven idols of Saptarishi fell and got damaged in Mahakal Mahalok. Other idols have also been damaged. The devotees were not near, due to which the accident was averted. A total of 127 idols have been installed in Mahakal Mahalok.

A Banyan tree fell near Mahakal temple
Two houses were damaged after a huge banyan tree fell near the Mahakal temple. The relief rescue team had not reached the spot even two hours after the incident. Apart from the Mahakal temple, trees fell at more than a dozen places in the city. The sheets of the houses were blown away. A car was damaged when a tree fell in front of Sandipani Ashram in the morning. There has been a lot of damage due to the storm in Nagda etc. areas of the region.

Suddenly the weather changed in the afternoon
On Sunday, the fourth day of Navatpe, the weather suddenly changed in the afternoon and a strong storm started blowing with thunder. The wind speed was so strong that hundreds of trees were uprooted within a few minutes. Many trees were uprooted and fallen in Mahakal Mandir, Dewas Road, Dussehra Maidan, Freeganj, Khakchowk, Hiramil ki Chaal, etc. areas. Many big branches broke and fell on the ground. However, no loss of life was reported anywhere. Still, people have suffered economic loss.

Questions raised on the quality
The state government constructed Shri Mahakal Mahalok at a cost of about Rs 800 crore. Mahalok was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 11 October. Since then, thousands of devotees from all over the country are reaching to see it every day. Since Mahaloka was built, questions were being raised about the quality of the idols. Sunday’s strong storm has exposed its quality. It is worth mentioning that many idols have been installed in Mahalok to show Shiv Leela.

127 idols in Mahaloka
More than 127 huge idols of Lord Shiva and other deities were installed in Mahakal Mahalok. 40 idols are made of red stone and the rest are made of fiber-reinforced plastic. Their height is 9 to 25 feet. The statues have been constructed by the MP Babariya firm of Gujarat contracted with the Ujjain Smart City Company.

According to the information, the force of the wind was so strong that many idols installed in Mahakal Lok were uprooted and fell on the ground. It is said that at the time when the storm and rain started, a large number of devotees were present in Mahakal Lok. Some devotees narrowly escaped.

Due to the storm and rain, the life of the city got disturbed. It is noteworthy that due to Sunday, a large number of devotees reached Ujjain to see Mahakal Darshan and Mahakal Lok.

Anyway, these days a large number of devotees from the country and abroad continue to visit Ujjain. Devotees are reaching to see the view of Mahakal Lok along with Mahakal Abhishek and Darshan.

ujjain mahakal lok damage

Now the entry of devotees is closed
According to the officials, till the condition of the idols is improved, the entry of devotees to Mahakal Mahalok has been stopped. It is worth mentioning that ten to 25 feet tall idols in Mahalok have been made of red stone and fiber-reinforced plastic.

Collector says
The idols have fallen down from the pedestal due to the strong storm. The life of these idols made of red stone and fiber reinforce plastic is 10 years. It will take time to make stone idols. At present, the company itself has to maintain them. The idols will be re-installed with the help of cranes. Action will be taken by fixing responsibility for the incident. Presently Mahakal Lok has been closed for the restoration of the idols.