Four cases of Scrub typhus found in Shimla spread through bites of infected chiggers

Scrub typhus

Shimla: After decreasing the cases of Coronavirus in Himachal Pradesh, now scrub typhus has been knocked. Due to the changing weather, cases of scrub typhus are coming up in Himachal Pradesh. Four new cases of scrub typhus have been reported in the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital (IGMC) (IGMC, Shimla) in the capital Shimla on Tuesday. Due to this, there has been a stir in the health department. This information has been given by Dr. Janak Raj, Medical Superintendent at the hospital.

Dr. Janak Raj told that “Four patients of scrub typhus have been found in IGMC Shimla on Tuesday. It is spread through the bites of infected chiggers.

Scrub typhus

Lice-sized Rickettsia pests arise in greenery, waterlogging, dirt due to rain. These insects are so poisonous that due to their bite, the fever of scrub typhus spreads very rapidly. Most of the patients of scrub typhus are found in mountainous areas. It is a bacterial infection, which leads to the death of people. Some of its symptoms are similar to Chikungunya.

Patients with scrub typhus have fevers up to 104-105 degrees. Along with this, there is a pain in the joints, neck, lower part of the arms, and tonsils in the hips. If you also see such symptoms, then immediately go to the nearest health center and show it to the doctor.