Five Drown in Lonavala Waterfall After Bhushi Dam Overflow Watch video

Lonavala Waterfall accident

Lonavala: In a heartbreaking incident, five people, including four children, lost their lives after being swept away by the powerful currents of a waterfall near the Bhushi Dam. The tragedy unfolded on Sunday afternoon, triggered by incessant rain that caused the dam to overflow.

The Fateful Picnic

A family from Pune’s Hadapsar area had embarked on a leisurely picnic to Lonavala. Among them were 18 members, including children, who sought respite from the sweltering summer heat. Little did they know that their outing would turn into a nightmare.

The Victims

  • Ameena Salman alias Adil Ansari (13): A young girl with dreams and aspirations.
  • Umera Salman alias Adil Ansari (8): A playful child, full of innocence.
  • Shahista Liyakat Ansari (37): A mother, perhaps cherishing family moments.
  • Mariya Akil Sayyad (9): Missing, her laughter silenced by the raging waters.
  • Adnan Sabhahat Ansari (4): Also missing, his tiny hand slipping away.

The Tragic Turn

The group ventured to a secluded waterfall tucked away behind the Bhushi Dam. Initially, the water flow seemed gentle, inviting them to play. But nature had other plans. As heavy rain intensified, the waterfall transformed into a force to be reckoned with. Around 3 pm, ten tourists were swept away, five of whom were rescued. Tragically, the remaining five including the children were carried into the reservoir connected to the dam.

Search and Rescue Efforts

Search and rescue teams, including Indian Navy divers, worked tirelessly to recover the bodies. By evening, three victims were found lifeless. Yet, Mariya and Adnan remained elusive. The search will resume on Monday, as hope dwindles for their safe return.

Lonavala Waterfall accident

A Heartbreaking Video

A haunting video emerged on social media, capturing the victims’ final moments as they were swept away by the relentless current. The spot where this tragedy unfolded falls under the jurisdiction of Indian Railways and the Forest Department. Authorities vow to take preventive measures to avert such incidents in the future.

A Grim Reminder

As the monsoon season continues, Lonavala’s lush landscapes beckon tourists. However, let this tragedy serve as a stark reminder: nature’s beauty can swiftly turn treacherous. Citizens are urged to exercise caution, especially during heavy rains, and cooperate with authorities at tourist spots.