First time in the country, BMC will now treat trees in Mumbai, appointed ‘doctor’

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Mumbai: Monsoon has already knocked in Mumbai. Because of this, incidents of falling trees keep coming up almost every day. At the same time, every year Cyclone also causes great devastation in Mumbai. Recently, the storms of Taute and Yas completely changed the weather of Mumbai.

Rain and strong winds were blowing everywhere, due to which a large number of trees were damaged. Due to all this, BMC has taken an important step. BMC has started a pilot project in Mumbai, in which it has appointed arborists (tree surgeons) to maintain and assess the trees. An arborist studies the trees properly and examines the present condition of the tree.

Maintenance and proper treatment required
Arborist Vaibhav Raje said this is very new in India but very important for cities. Where there is so much population and trees are planted together, the stress of trees is very high. Maintenance and proper treatment of trees are very important.

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Test with different tools
Trees are examined and assessed with various instruments. Without the arborist, there can be no correct assessment. The most important risograph to assess is the machine. A needle is inserted into the machine and inserted into the trunk of the tree.

Arborist for over 200 trees
As a pilot project, BMC has appointed arborists for over 200 trees in South Mumbai. Arborist Vaibhav Raje will collect the data and give it to BMC. If needed, those trees will be treated which will need it urgently.