Factories are starting to evacuate, labor exodus resumed after ‘mini lockdown’

Migrant laborers return home
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Mumbai: There is no possibility of the outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus Pandemic) in India. Especially in some states including Maharashtra, Corona seems completely uncontrollable. In view of the Corona crisis, the government has announced a mini lockdown in Maharashtra. Also, the rules have been tightened. Labor is completely upset after this decision of the government. According to the report, there is a large number the exodus of laborers. A large number of laborers continue to migrate from areas such as Bhiwandi. Due to which many questions are definitely arising.

Let us know that since the announcement of the mini lockdown in the province in the midst of the Corona crisis, there are many questions in the minds of the workers. The migration of workers from Bhiwandi continues. According to the power loom owners, Mazdoor does not want to take any kind of risk, taking lessons of the lockdown imposed last year, so he is going back to his kingdom.

labor exodus

It is noteworthy that the migration of laborers, along with power loom industry, sizing, dyeing companies, besides pearl factories and warehouses is going to have a major impact. In such a situation, it is necessary that the government should take steps to stop it and make special plans.

Corona continues to wreak havoc in Maharashtra. On Tuesday, more than 55 thousand cases of Covid-19 were reported. Also, more than 34 thousand people were discharged during 24 hours. While 297 people died. The number of patients infected with corona in the province has reached 31 lakh 13 thousand 354. There are currently 4 lakh 72 thousand 283 active cases of corona in the state. More than 56 thousand people have died due to Corona’s grip. The good news is that more than 25 lakh 83 thousand people have been cured by getting corona treatment.