Delhi-Mumbai-like Murder in Himachal Pradesh, lover killed, body cut into 8 pieces

Himachal Pradesh lover killed body cut into 8 pieces

Dharamshala: After murders in Mumbai and Delhi, the case of dismemberment of the dead body has now come to the fore in Himachal Pradesh as well. Here the love story of a Hindu-Muslim boy and girl has come to a sad end. After the murder of 21-year-old Manohar, the body was cut into 7-8 pieces and then the body was thrown into the drain after filling it in a sack. At present, the police have arrested the girl and her brothers in the case. There was tension on the spot after the incident. However, no untoward incident has been reported. Chamba’s SP Abhishek Yadav (SP Chamba) has confirmed the murder.

According to the information, this is the case of Bandal village of Kihar, Saloni, Chamba. On June 9, the young man’s body was found. The youth Manohar was missing since June 6. It is being told that this matter is related to a love affair. The young man and the girl had a very good acquaintance. But the family members of the girl did not like it.

It is alleged that after killing the youth, the girl’s brothers cut her body into eight pieces and then put these pieces in a sack. Later, the accused buried the sack under the stones in the drain. On June 9, when some people were passing by, they smelled foul and informed the police. In the investigation, parts of Manohar’s body have been found in the sack. It is being told that Manohar’s body was cut with an axe. Some parts of his body are also missing.

Himachal Pradesh lover killed body cut into 8 pieces

What do the police say
On the whole matter, Chamba SP Abhishek Yadav told that the case of murder of the youth has come to the fore. Three accused have been arrested. The police is investigating the matter. On the other hand, the accused in the Bhandal murder case have been ostracized by their community. After the incident, members of Hindu Jagran Manch also met the victim’s family. Manohar’s mother has demanded the death penalty for the accused of killing her son. Manohar also has a younger brother.

Let us tell you that recently in Mumbai, a man cut his partner into several pieces after killing him. At the same time, something similar happened in the Shraddhawal murder case in Delhi.