Coronavirus wreaks havoc on farmers, not getting buyers for crop

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Agar Malwa(MP): Corona farmers have been wreaked havoc in Agar Malwa, Madhya Pradesh. Here some institutions buying wheat on MSP (support price) have refused to buy official wheat of corona infection.

According to the information, the situation in Susner region is very bad. The managers of the 2 centers of the Primary Cooperative Society wrote to the higher officials and refused to make the purchase. In such a situation, there was a problem of selling wheat crop in front of the registered farmers at these centers. It is said that the district other societies have also handed over the letters of purchase closure to the higher authorities.

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Purchase was started from 27th March
It is worth mentioning that from March 27, the purchase of wheat on MSP (support price) was started by the government throughout the state. Since then, wheat procurement was being done at all the procurement centers of the district, but now gradually the effect of corona infection has reached these procurement centers. Due to this, now wheat procurement is being stopped at most of the procurement centers from Monday.