Consumers stopped paying Electricity dues due to election announcements, know the reason


Ghaziabad: In Uttar Pradesh, the power corporation had started a one-time settlement scheme (OTS) for electricity defaulters. Initially, a large number of electricity consumers were coming to take advantage of the scheme. But after the start of the election campaign and the announcement of free electricity by the parties, fewer defaulters are coming. The defaulters hope that if the declaring governments come to power, it may be that the outstanding electricity bill will be waived.

Samajwadi Party and Aam Aadmi Party have announced to make 300 units of electricity free if the government is formed in the state. This time electricity bill is an important issue in the corridors of politics, with the help of which political parties are working to reach middle-class families. The BJP has also played a political bet on electricity by cutting the electricity rate of farmers before the model code of conduct was imposed. Because of this, the defaulters joining the scheme are seen getting their bills waived after the elections. Power Corporation is yet to recover from one lakh 36 thousand defaulters in Ghaziabad district.


SK Purwar, Chief Engineer, Power Corporation, said that the plan, which grew rapidly in the first month, is now at a slow pace in the election environment. The last date for the scheme is 31 January. After this, hardly the date of the scheme should be extended. In Ghaziabad district, two lakh 73 thousand defaulters were marked for OTS for recovery of 275 crores.

These defaulters did not submit the bill till September 2021 from the date of taking the connection. These defaulters were constantly contacted by the power stations. After the announcement of political parties, the defaulters are reluctant to submit the bill.