Bus hijack filled with 34 passengers in Agra! Police bid – finance company took on not paying installment


Agra: In Taj city Agra, on Wednesday, the employees of the finance company hijacked a bus full of passengers. On the information of the bus hijack, there has been a stir in the police department. According to the information available, a private bus going from Gurugram to Madhya Pradesh has been hijacked. Unloading the driver and conductor has taken the bus to an unknown place. There are a total of 34 passengers on the bus.

The incident is in the wee hours of Wednesday. Hijacked the private bus in the station Malpura area. It is being told that there are 34 passengers in the bus. After the information of the driver and conductor, there is a stir in the police department. All the top officials are present on the occasion. However, no information about the bus has been received.

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Police and driver are taking the name of Shriram Finance
In the case of abducting a bus full of passengers, the driver of the private bus and the police are taking the name of Shriram Finance. Both of them say that the people of this finance company came from the Jello SUV and took the bus. According to the information, those who hijacked the bus fed the driver and conductor to the Dhaba and gave Rs 300. However, no one is aware of the location of the bus.
Told himself an employee of the finance company

After the news came out, an alert police statement came out that the bus owner had not paid the installment, due to which the employees of the finance company took away the driver and conductor and took the bus full of passengers. According to the police, the driver and conductor have told that there were four people who were describing themselves as employees of the finance company. However, the police have not been able to say clearly that the people who took the bus are crooks or employees of the finance company.

Many questions arising
Police have no information about the abducted bus. She is acting on the statement of the driver and conductor. Madhya Pradesh Police has also been contacted. However, the biggest question among all of this is that if the employees of the finance company who hijack are the only ones, then who gave them the right to take the bus full of passengers with them in this way. Till now the talks have not been held with the bus owner.