Bus falls from flyover in Ghaziabad, 1 killed, many injured

Bus falls from flyover in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad: A major accident took place in Ghaziabad late on Wednesday evening. A bus full of passengers fell down on the Bhatia Mor flyover located in the city. It was a private company bus. According to sources, one person in the bus has died, while three people are reported to be seriously injured. Other people are also injured there. A huge crowd gathered at the spot as the bus fell down. After which the police reached the spot and started taking people out of the bus and taking them to the hospital. However, during this time the local people, while helping the victims, started taking them out of the bus before the arrival of the police and also helped the injured.
According to the information, the bus was going from Ghaziabad towards Lalkuan and suddenly fell down from the Bhatia Mor flyover. However, the cause of the accident is yet to be ascertained.

Suddenly uncontrolled bus
According to sources, the speed of the bus was fast and during this time suddenly it became uncontrollable and came down from the flyover. However, the situation is not clear about whether there was any negligence during this time or there is some other reason for the accident. The police have also not given any kind of information on the matter yet.

The injured were evacuated by breaking the window of the bus
After falling from the flyover, the bus overturned and it became difficult to rescue the injured. After this, the local people and the police broke the rear window of the bus and pulled out the injured, and took them to the hospital. After the accident, there was an atmosphere of chaos on the spot, but later the police came and handled the matter and helped the injured along with the local people.