After Karam Dam of Dhar, now Harpura canal built at a cost of 41 crores is broken in Madhya Pradesh


Tikamgarh: The matter of breaking the Karam Dam of Dhar had not yet cooled down that the Harpura canal built by Sarathi Construction Company in Tikamgarh broke near Bori village, which damaged the crop in about 50 acres. 10 years ago this canal was also constructed by Sarathi Construction Company, whose quality is being questioned. Water was to be delivered to 14 ponds, but only 4 ponds have reached water from this canal. The then in-charge minister of the district, Jayant Malaiya, had performed the Bhoomi Pujan of the Harpura canal to be built at a cost of 41 crores. 14 ponds were to be filled by connecting this project. Along with this canal, irrigation resources were to be expanded by filling ponds and laying pipes. This construction work failed in the first test itself. This was the first river linking project of the country. Now the farmers here have to bear the brunt of this.

In fact, in order to make the barren land of Tikamgarh of Bundelkhand green again in the year 2016, the plan to connect the pond with the river was started, for which the entire project was prepared. Harpura Madiya Canal Project was started at a cost of 41 crores. Water was to reach 14 Chandel carpet ponds of the district through this canal but the entire project failed. The Chandel carpet ponds remain dry even today. Whenever water is released from this canal to the ponds, it breaks from place to place and starts filling the fields, which ruins the crops of the farmers.


Farmers say that whenever water is released from the canal, it breaks from place to place. The fields get flooded and the crops get damaged. The crop of about 50 acres got spoiled due to the breach of this canal. Executive Engineer (Irrigation Department) RN Yadav says that the new one is broken and the repair work will be started soon. Now the maintenance of this canal will be done afresh at a cost of 11 crores, for which tenders have also been floated.