6 deaths, internet shutdown in 4 districts, curfew continues, 116 people arrested so far in Haryana

haryana violence

New Delhi: On the one hand, 6 people have died in the violence that took place during the Vishva Hindu Parishad’s Braj Mandal Yatra in Nuh (Mewat) of Haryana. At the same time, two days after the violence that broke out in Nuh on Monday, curfew continues today. There is tension in Gurugram, Palwal district. Gurugram police said that small groups are working to spread violence.

On the other hand, given the seriousness of the tense situation, the internet has been suspended in Manesar, Patodi, and Sohna areas of Nuh, Faridabad, Palwal, and Gurgaon till midnight of August 5. In Nuh, after the violent clashes, the local people are facing difficulties in doing their daily activities. Here a local told, Now there is an atmosphere of fear. When we were going in the morning, it seemed that someone might come from behind. We are not even sending our children out. There is not even a vegetable market in the locality.

Another local person says I work selling vegetables, but in the last 2-3 days sales have been affected. If customers don’t come, how will we earn a living? Since no one is coming, our vegetables are getting spoiled. We are very upset.

Please inform that, so far 26 FIRs have been registered in Nuh violence and 116 people have been arrested. 15 FIRs have been registered in Gurugram and 8 people have been arrested. So the police have registered 9 cases in the adjoining Palwal district. Of these, 6 are named while 250 are unknown accused. They are accused of sabotage and arson in a religious place of a community.

haryana violence

Please inform that stones were pelted during a procession in Nuh last Monday and after that fierce violence started here. On the other hand, after Nuh, violence had spread in the surrounding areas as well, the internet has been shut down in 4 districts and Section 144 has also been imposed. On the other hand, the police had informed on the previous day that till now 41 FIRs have been lodged regarding Nuh violence, while 116 people have been arrested so far.