44% of households living in Delhi’s slums depend on bottled water: Report

Delhis slums

New Delhi: A report prepared on the basis of a survey conducted by the Delhi government has claimed that around 44 percent of residents of the city’s slums depend on bottled water for drinking water, while about 76 percent of houses in the city have piped water connections. Is.

According to the report, 71 percent of the houses in the city are connected to the piped sewer systems, while 28.5 percent of the houses are connected to the septic tank. This report has been prepared on the basis of samples in the 76th Annual Survey on ‘Drinking Water, Sanitation and Housing Condition’ conducted by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Government of Delhi.

Delhis slums

Officials said that this report has been delayed first due to the Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 and then due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. According to the report, 76 percent of households have water connections, 7.5 percent of households use tube wells and seven percent are using bottled water. At the same time, 3.8 percent depend on public taps and 3.3 percent on water tankers.

The number of households using bottled water for drinking water has doubled between 2012 and 2018. According to the survey, about 44 percent of households in slums use bottled water for drinking.