150 Asthi Kalash piled up in lockers of Muktidham, Bhopal


Bhopal: Due to the rapid increase of Covid-19 (Corona) in Madhya Pradesh, there is a pile of 150 Ashthi Kalash in the lockers of Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat in Bhopal. Many people are placing the ashes of the Kalash in the resting ghats after cremating their families so that they can be later immersed in the holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, or Narmada. This information was given by an officer of Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat on Saturday. The last rites of those who died of infection are being performed at this Vishram Ghat.

“There are currently 150 as many Asthi Kalash (urns) in the lockers of Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat,” Mdesh Sharma, secretary of the Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat Management Committee, told PTI. We are building more lockers, so that at least 500 urns of ashes are arranged. Sharma said, “With the increase in the number of dead, on an average 10 to 15 Asthi Kalsh are being kept here. For the first time such a large number of ashes urns are being kept in lockers. ”

Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat is one of the biggest cremation ghats of Hindus in the state capital Bhopal. Apart from this Vishram Ghat, the victims of the epidemic are being cremated in Subhash Nagar Vishram Ghat and Jhada Cemetery (Muslim) Jahangirabad in the city as per the protocol of Covid-19.


Sharma said that about 1,100 dead bodies have been cremated at Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat this month from April 1 to April 16, of which around 800 bodies have been cremated as per the protocol of Covid-19. He claimed that a total of 81 bodies were cremated on 16 April at Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat.

Of these, 69 bodies were cremated according to the protocol of Covid-19. Of the 69 bodies cremated according to the protocol of Covid-19, 46 were residents of Bhopal, while 23 were from other districts. However, according to government figures, only 38 people died of Covid-19 in Bhopal from April 1 to April 16.