Woman MP reached Parliament wearing tight pants was thrown out, the speaker said – ‘Come wearing the right clothes first’

Woman MP was thrown out

Dodoma: In Tanzania, a woman MP was thrown out of Parliament for wearing tight pants in Parliament. It is reported that after this incident, women lawmakers in Tanzania have called for an apology.

In fact, a woman MP from Tanzania, Condester Sichlwe, was asked by the speaker to leave the parliament on Tuesday when she reached the National Assembly wearing tight pants. Speaker Job Ndugai told Condester Cichlwe to come first, wear the right clothes and… join us later”.

According to a report, Ndugai said this when a male MP said in Parliament, “Some of our sisters are wearing strange clothes..What are they showing to the society?”

Woman MP was thrown out

The report said that, citing a part of Parliament’s rules, MP Hussain Amar called Parliament a reflection of society and complained of not wearing proper clothes to Kondester Sichalwe. Speaker Job Ndugai then said that this was not the first time he had received a complaint about the clothing of women members of parliament. He said that, it has been instructed that if any person reaches the Parliament wearing inappropriate clothes, then he should be denied entry.