Will take 2 weeks to gather information on Omicron, booster shot is necessary – Dr. Fossey

Dr. Anthony Fauci on omicron

Washington: There has been a stir in the world due to the new variant of Coronavirus, Omicron Variant. Meanwhile, US Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anthony Fauci has told that it will take two weeks to know how contagious the Omicron variant is, how serious it is and what other features it has. Dr. Fossey gave this information while updating US President Joe Biden on Omicron.

In the meeting, Fauci said that the current vaccine can provide a great deal of protection in severe cases of the corona. He also emphasized that for people who have received both doses of the vaccine, if they get a booster dose, then it will be the best protection against corona.

Get booster shot as soon as possible
The Covid Response Team has also suggested that all vaccinated people should be given a booster shot as soon as possible. According to the information, all adults who got the vaccine of Pfizer and Moderna 6 months before or took the vaccine dose of Johnson & Johnson two months before can take a booster dose.

Dr. Anthony Fauci on omicron

America may impose a travel ban on African countries
America has geared up to protect Omicron. America has made preparations to ban any kind of travel from African countries to protect against this virus. President Joe Biden’s administration sources said it would be announced on Monday.

Europe is getting 86 times more new patients than Africa
Only 4,200 patients are being received daily in 54 countries of Africa, which has 17% of the world’s population, which is 86 times less than Europe. Daily deaths in Africa are also less than 150. Compared to Europe, this figure is 26 times less. It is a matter of confidence that both daily cases and deaths in Africa have been decreasing continuously for two months. On the other hand, 3.63 lakh patients are being found daily in 45 countries of Europe with 10% population of the world. More than 3,880 deaths are taking place every day.