Why is China afraid of investigating bat caves? WHO’s demand rejected

bat caves

New Delhi: China has refused to inspect bat caves and breeding farms, defying the instructions of the World Health Organization to investigate the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a report in the American newspaper Washington Post, the WHO wanted to conduct an investigation in Inshi, located about 6 hours from Wuhan, which had emerged as the world’s largest center for the corona epidemic.

China has consistently opposed international investigations into the origins of Covid within its borders. The World Health Organization was already aware of this, but there were strict restrictions on the movement of members in China. Finally, at the end of their investigation, the team emphasized that they needed to investigate this further.

In August, US intelligence agencies informed US President Joe Biden that the coronavirus was not a biological weapon but that it was most likely to be transmitted through natural transmission or through lab leaks.

China has rejected all such allegations that it is said that Covid originated on its soil.

Banned animals were being sold
Animal farms around Wuhan gained attention when it was discovered that animals from these farms were being sold in the Wuhan Wet Market, while the sale of such animals is legally banned.

The report said the scientists also wanted to investigate nearby wildlife farm areas, which were known to breed thousands of wild animals before the pandemic. Scientists believe that those animals could potentially become a middle ground for the virus to spread from bats to humans. They believe that field testing can prove to be an important step in determining the origin of the epidemic.

About 6 wet markets in Inshi were closed till March 2020 after the coronavirus spread worldwide. However, it is not yet clear why these markets were finally closed in such a hurry.