What makes Finland different from other countries in the world?

Finland happiest countries in the world


Scandinavia or Nordic countries are counted among the happiest countries in the world. The most prominent of these in Finland. The government here works more on public welfare programs like other Nordic countries. No one is homeless here. The government itself helps to give work to every person. The mood of the people is also calm here and along with this the natural environment here is also very good for roaming around, in such favorable conditions the possibility of people being greedy increases, but efforts have also been made to stop it in Finland.

rone to greed
It is not that there are no challenges in this country. There are high mountains here. The weather is not always friendly to humans, winters are snowy and a bit harsh, but there are enough arrangements for everyone to survive this season. In the last few centuries, this country has succeeded in keeping itself in the category of developed countries. But with prosperity comes the possibility of greed among people.

Greed is also a danger
There is a lot of alcohol consumption on Fridays. People stay away from each other’s affairs, preferring to be busy with themselves. The education system here is counted among the top in the world. But deaths due to alcohol in Finland are also not less. Yet here special efforts are made to keep people away from greed.

Attitude towards greed
First of all, in the education system itself, children are told about greed, what is greed, and how useless and harmful it is. You cannot take anything with you after you die. Even in TV or movies, greedy people are not particularly liked. Greedy people are seen here with disdain, which is also visible in the field of art.


There is a system in society itself
Undoubtedly, the lifestyle here may seem to attract the people of the world towards greed, and people here also get influenced in this way, but the culture of the society and the thinking of the people encourage restraint and balance. Here, as soon as people face any kind of problems due to greed, not only do people look at them with disdain, but there can also be problems like snatching people’s jobs.

away from appearances?
Apart from this, there is a lot of emphasis on social and government equality. Having more money for someone is not considered a reason for inspiration for others. People neither show off nor like to see. Even in the stories, greed is not shown to be good and the meaning of having more is considered to be to help others.

Inspiration comes from the world
The outlook of the people here sees the world also inspires them to stay away from greed. The pandemic has underscored the harms of inequality around the world, which Finnish people take very seriously. Apart from this, loan or debt is not considered good here. People first save for big expenses and then spend.

It seems surprising that where people do not talk much (even less), their cultural values include being of service to others as one of the goals of life. Helping others is one of the purposes of life in the cultural and religious philosophy of Finland. Being rich tends to be selfish in the eyes of people, so having more money is considered a sign of helping others more and more.