US report claims – body is getting dehydrated, dry throat due to booster dose of anti-covid vaccine


London: After the emergence of a new variant of Coronavirus, Omicron Variant, discussion on the booster dose of vaccine has started in many countries. In some countries, booster doses of the anti-Covid vaccine were already being given after the new variant was found. In the midst of all this, doctors say that a new side effect of the booster dose has come to the fore. It is believed that if someone is vaccinated then such a person can feel unwell. Injection pain, fatigue, and body aches are among the most commonly recognized symptoms. But according to new reports, after the booster dose, people may complain of dehydration or they will feel more thirsty.

According to the Huffington Post, Doctor Latasha Perkins in Washington told- ‘When vaccination is done, different symptoms appear in people, but I have heard that some people have complained of increased thirst. This is not unusual.’ This report has come out in America but British doctors are not aware of this problem at the moment.

These reasons can also cause dehydration’s clinical director, Dr. Sarah Harravis, told The Sun- ‘I have not heard such complaints, nor have I seen any research that gives information about it.’ American doctor Natasha Bhuyan said ‘if anyone panics about the vaccine. If this has happened, it can lead to dry mouth.’ This may be because the vaccine usually causes fever. When someone’s temperature rises, it can also lead to dehydration.


Experts say that if you feel excessively thirsty after vaccination, then it is nothing to worry about. Thirst has not been acknowledged as a side effect after the anti-Covid vaccine has been administered.

On the other hand, people are generally asked to stay hydrated at the time of vaccination. If your body is not hydrated while getting the anti-covid vaccine, then you may have problems like headaches. In terms of booster doses, it may be that because of the ‘mix and matching’ of AstraZeneca and Pfizer, people feel more unwell than on their first two doses.