US Parliament Against China Rises Voice, Introduces Bill to Cancel ‘One-China’ Policy


Washington: Two Republican Party MPs have introduced a bill in the House of Representatives calling for the US to restore formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan and the outdated and unproductive ‘one-China’ There has been an appeal to cancel the policy. MPs Bill Tiffany and Scott Perry introduced the bill, calling on the Biden Administration to support Taiwan’s membership in international organizations and negotiate with Taipei to enter into a free trade agreement between the US and Taiwan Has been appealed to do.


Tiffany said, “For the past nearly 40 years, the presidents of both parties in America have repeated many times the lie of Beijing (Beijing) that Taiwan is a part of communist China, while the real truth is the opposite. There is a need to change this outdated policy. “

The US had normal diplomatic relations with the Taiwanese government until 1979, but then President Jimmy Carter abruptly ended formal relations with Taipei and recognized communist rule in China. China considers Taiwan a rebel province and wants to reintegrate it into the mainland.