US House begins impeachment process against President Donald Trump


Washington: On Monday, three Democratic Party MPs presented Impeachment Process against US President Donald Trump for provoking violence against their supporters in the Capitol Building (US Parliament) last week. Accused of abetment.

The motion has been brought by MPs Jamie Ruskin, David Sicilin and Ted Lew and is supported by 211 members of the US House of Representatives. According to a media release, the outgoing president has been accused of “abetting treason” on January 6 through his steps.

Donald Trump

It said that Trump encouraged his supporters to lay siege to the Capitol Building (Parliament Complex) when the electoral college votes were counting and the process was disrupted due to people speaking out. Five people, including a police officer, were killed in the incident. Earlier, Republican lawmakers on Monday rejected a request by Democratic members of the House seeking consensus on Vice President Pence’s call for the 25th Amendment to be implemented in order to remove Trump from the presidency early.