Uproar over Trump’s secret book, the former president was telling the press secretary about his manhood


Washington: Former US President Donald Trump made an intelligence visit to Walter Reed Hospital in 2019. Trump went there for his routine colonoscopy. Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s former press secretary and Melania Trump’s former chief of staff, has made many big revelations related to Trump in her new book. There has been an uproar after this book came out.

A copy of Grisham’s new book ‘I’ll Take Your Questions Now’ has been handed over to CNN. According to a CNN report, the book details the scenes in front of Grisham while he was in the White House and also exposes the culture of lies in the Trump administration.

What’s in the book?
Grisham did not mention colonoscopy in the book but pointed out that Trump had visited Walter Reed Hospital. Which was confirming the rumors flying about his health. He told that former President George W. Bush had also gone through a similar process. Trump did not want Vice President Mike Pence to take over during his treatment, so he kept his hospital visit a secret.

Many secrets revealed
Grisham said that it was a very difficult time for her after the stories of her affair with pornstars Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougall were exposed. Trump’s wife Melania was also full of anger and tried to stay away from her husband. Grisham also faced humiliation after the Trump-Daniels affair opened. He told in the book that President Trump had called him into Air Force One and told him about his manhood. He said, “Actually, pornstar Daniels raised questions about Trump’s manhood, to which Trump told Grisham that his manhood was fine. To this, I just said OK. I wanted to leave at that time. Trump insisted again, his manhood is fine. This time I well said yes sir. But it was very strange.”

  • Once Trump asked Gresham’s boyfriend about his sex life. Grisham’s boyfriend was an aide to Trump at the time. Apart from this, Grisham said that Trump was once constantly asking about a young female press aide at press events. He requested that he bring her to his cabin in Air Force One, he wants to see her.
  • The former press secretary also opened up about one of the biggest secrets of Trump’s public image related to his hair. Grisham told that he used to cut his own hair and that he had a large stock of scissors.

Acting in front of the camera with Putin
The book also mentions the talks between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the G20 summit in 2019, Trump acted in front of the cameras of the media to take strong action against Putin. While the cameras were rolling, he said to Putin, “I will take a strict attitude towards you for a while, this is only for the camera.”

According to the report of CNN, Trump has called it cheap publicity on the revelations of this book. Trump’s spokesperson said that this book is another new attempt to malign the image of the Trump family. At the same time, Melania Trump’s office has strongly reprimanded Grisham for this book.