Unveiling the Seductive Spy: Inside the Secret World of Russian Sexpionage with Aliia Roza

Aliia Roza

Los Angeles: Aliia Roza, a former Russian citizen, and ex-spy, has recently divulged detailed accounts of her involvement in sexpionage as a seduction agent for the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) during a groundbreaking podcast named ‘To Die For’. Roza’s revelations mark a significant milestone as she appears to be the first individual to publicly unveil the clandestine training, methodologies, and objectives of Russian “seduction agents.”

In interviews with Fox News Digital and Deadline.com, Roza opened up about her prolonged silence and the reasons that compelled her to speak out. “It’s been over two decades that I’ve stayed silent. But for a few reasons, I couldn’t keep my silence. I couldn’t live with this pain anymore, even though I’ve been through all this trauma. … If it was not me [speaking out], then who would speak out?” Roza stated.

Roza recounted her journey, detailing her escape from Moscow with her young son in pursuit of a better life. Born into a Kazakh-Tatar family, she was part of a special government program catering to children of high-ranking military officers. Despite her aspirations for a career in fashion design, familial pressure steered her towards the program. Early in life, she underwent rigorous physical and mental training, instilling in her the values of resilience and determination.

Later, Roza discovered she was selected for a covert sex program, handpicked from a cohort of 350 students. Trained by former KGB psychologists and high-ranking officers, she learned the art of seduction and persuasion, with a focus on extracting information from targeted individuals. Contrary to popular belief, Roza clarified that her role extended beyond mere sexual encounters, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and psychological manipulation.

Aliia Roza

She elaborated on the nuances of seduction, emphasizing the significance of tailored compliments and strategic conversation steering. Roza acknowledged the introduction of advanced sexual techniques, highlighting their role in fostering obsession and control over targets.

Reflecting on her past, Roza admitted to feeling “brainwashed” into believing she was a hero combating human and drug trafficking. Despite meager financial compensation and grueling work hours, her sense of patriotism and perceived heroism fueled her dedication to the cause.

Roza’s revelations provide unprecedented insights into the shadowy world of espionage and shed light on the intricate mechanisms employed by intelligence agencies. Her courage in breaking her silence serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.