United States’ proposal to rejoin UNESCO approved

Us return to UNESCO

Paris: The 193 member states of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Friday approved a US proposal to rejoin the organization at an extraordinary session of the General Assembly.

One hundred and thirty-two member states voted in favor of the US’s return to the organization after two days of discussion and 10 against. The US has withdrawn twice, which negatively affected the work of the organization.

According to a UNESCO press release, the US will provide funds equal to 22 percent of the organization’s regular budget. In addition to prompt payment of balances, the United States will also make voluntary contributions to fund programs in Africa, including access to education and natural disaster programs.

Yang Jin, China’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO, told reporters after the vote that the US should contribute to promoting unity and cooperation in the organization after its withdrawal, instead of engaging in confrontation and division.

Mr. Yang said, “After its return to UNESCO, China urges the US to fulfill its obligations and commitments, pay membership dues in full and on time, and pay UNESCO dues for many years as soon as possible.” Do.”

They committed the United States to adhere to true multilateralism, respect the sovereignty and social systems of all countries, discharge and maintain social diversity, avoid ideological confrontation, and promote mutual understanding and cooperation among member states. Also called to be.

Us return to UNESCO

It is noteworthy that America was out of UNESCO twice in 1984 and 2017. In June this year, the US sent a letter to the Director General of UNESCO, proposing to rejoin the organization in early July based on a concrete financial plan. The offer also included a commitment to clear outstanding dues estimated at US$619 million.