UNICEF chief expressed concern over the production of Corona vaccine

Henrietta Foray

United Nations: UNICEF Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Agency Henrietta Foray appealed for the simplification of intellectual property rights for the production of Covid-19 Vaccine and said that at the moment the vaccines There is not enough supply to meet the growing demand. “To combat the virus, we should work on the strategy of vaccination of the frontline personnel, but at the same time, we should also implement the strategy, which is the same for all the vaccines,” Foray said in a statement on Tuesday. Ensure accessibility. “

He said that the governments that this year have contracted to get doses higher than the doses required for the vaccination of all their adult countrymen should give additional doses to Kovacs on immediate credit or to donate, so that they are equally in all countries Can be distributed.

Henrietta Foray

Foray urged governments, businesses, and partners to take immediate steps, including simplifying IPRs, through the issuance of licenses voluntarily and proactively on behalf of intellectual property rights (IPR) holders. He said that proactive partnerships and cooperation are needed to increase the production of vaccines apart from relaxation in intellectual property.