UN report – Al Qaeda’s hardcore terrorists are hiding in the border area of ​​​​Afghanistan-Pakistan

Al Qaeda's hardcore terrorists

United Nations: According to a report of the United Nations, most of the hardline terrorists of the terrorist organization Al Qaida are living in the border area of ​​Afghanistan and Pakistan, including the former leader of the organization. Ayman al-Zawahiri is also included. Zawahiri is believed to be alive and extremely weak. This report was released on Friday. It said that al-Qaeda terrorists linked to the Taliban and other foreign extremists are living in different parts of Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda terrorist Ayman Mohammed Rabi al-Zawahiri is believed to be hiding somewhere in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Earlier there were reports of his death due to ill health but it could not be confirmed. According to the report, Zawahiri is alive but has become so weak that he is not told about him. The name of the country was not mentioned in the report. Al Qaeda is headed by non-Afghan people in origin and consists of citizens of North Africa and West Asian countries.

Al Qaeda's hardcore terrorists

According to the report, “Member states assess that formal talks between senior Al Qaeda and Taliban officials are currently not taking place. At the same time, one member country has said that there is a constant dialogue between the Taliban and al-Qaeda regarding the peace process.

The report said that al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent is active in Afghanistan’s Kandahar, Helmand, and Nimruz provinces under the backing of the Taliban. Apart from Afghan and Pakistani nationals, there are terrorists from Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar in this group. The current leader of Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent is Osama Mahmood and has replaced Asim Omar.