Ukrainian Forces Bomb Store in Kherson Region, Killing 22 Civilians

Ukrainian Forces Bomb Store in Kherson Region

Moscow: Ukrainian forces launched a devastating double bombing on a store in the village of Sadovye, located in Russia’s Kherson region, on Friday, resulting in the deaths of 22 civilians. The tragic incident was reported by the regional governor, Vladimir Saldo.

According to Saldo, the store was crowded with both customers and employees when it was hit by the first bomb. The initial strike, carried out with a guided French aerial bomb, caused significant casualties and damage. In the aftermath, local residents rushed to the scene to assist the injured.

Tragically, a second attack followed shortly after the first. An American HIMARS missile targeted the same location, striking just as the rescue efforts were underway. The second strike compounded the devastation, leading to further casualties. Among the dead were two children.

Governor Saldo, in his statement to the TASS news agency, expressed his grief and outrage over the attacks. He detailed the sequence of events and highlighted the use of advanced military technology in the strikes, noting the involvement of both French and American weaponry.

Ukrainian Forces Bomb Store in Kherson Region

The village of Sadovye is left to mourn the loss of 22 of its residents, as the community grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event. The incident has sparked outrage and calls for further investigation into the use of such weaponry in populated civilian areas.