Turkey bans advertising on Twitter, Pinterest under new law


Ankara: Turkey has imposed an advertisement ban on Twitter and Pinterest on Tuesday for not complying with the law made in the country regarding social media platforms. Under the new law, it has been made mandatory for social media platforms to appoint legal representatives in the country so that complaints regarding content shared on their platforms can be redressed.

Human Rights Organization and Media Freedom Group are calling this law censorship. All companies that refuse to appoint an official representative will be fined, their advertisements will be banned and their bandwidth can be reduced, which will make the platform very slow to use.


Significantly, after LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Dailymotion, and the Russian social media site Vikontakte on Monday, Facebook also said that it has started the process of appointing a legal representative in Turkey. This is why Facebook ads are not banned.

Following the ban on Twitter ads, Deputy Minister of Communications and Infrastructure Affairs Omer Fateh Sayam said, “We hope that Twitter and Pinterest, who have not yet announced their representatives, will soon move in this direction.” Will pick up. “