Trump’s troubles increased, Deutsche Bank decided to end business relationship

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Berlin: US outgoing President Donald Trump may be adamant on his own insistence and is justifying his statements responsible for inciting violence, but he may have to bear the loss now. Deutsche Bank of Germany has announced the end of business relations with Trump and his companies. Deutsche Bank is a very large source of loan for Trump companies and this decision of the bank can be a big push for Trump’s business. Deutsche Bank has made this decision at a time when many other organizations are ending their relationship with Trump.

Earlier, from Twitter to the Professional Golfers Association, it was announced to break ties with Trump. All these companies played a key role in building the Trump brand. The bank has not officially made any statement in this regard, but the report says that the bank will no longer do any business with Trump. In the 90s, when Trump was on the verge of bankruptcy, Deutsche Bank was the only bank to loan Trump. Trump Group is yet to repay loan of $ 34 million to Deutsche Bank in the next few years. Signature Bank, another banker of the Trump Group, has said that it is closing two private bank accounts of Trump.

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Trump still keeps telling himself right!
President Trump has defended his speech on the US Parliament just before the attack. Speaking to reporters at Andrew Airforce Base, Trump said, “You should always avoid violence. We have a lot of support, perhaps support that no one has seen before.” But when the reporters asked him how much his personal responsibility was in what happened in the Parliament House, his reply was, if you will listen to my speech and many people have heard and I have seen in newspapers and TV. It has been assessed and people feel that whatever I said was absolutely valid.
Trump added, “Many people, including senior leaders, have said that the protests and riots that took place last year after the death of George Floyd in police custody were more worrying than the riots in Washington.” After Trump’s speech, two hours before his supporters started attacking the police, Trump told the crowd, “We fight like Jahannam.” And if you don’t fight like Jahannam, then you will not be able to save this country. “The Democrats say that Trump’s words were an attempt to revolt.

170 identified among those who attacked Parliament so far
In the US, the FBI says that 170 people have been identified among those who attacked Parliament last week. The FBI has said that a case has been registered against 70 people. According to the FBI, he has sent more than one lakh digital leads to the attack on Parliament.

Meanwhile, the FBI has asked those involved in the attack on Parliament to come forward and surrender. The FBI has said that even if you have left Washington, our agents in the states will find you. The FBI and Homeland Security have issued a new warning saying Trump supporters are trying to target the swearing-in ceremony of Joe Biden on 20 January.