Trump rally in the style of campaign, again accuses Presidential election of malpractices

Trump rally in the style

Ohio (USA): Former US President Donald Trump, for the first time since leaving the White House, in his campaign rally on Saturday, re-imposed allegations of mismanagement in the presidential election and the Democratic Party’s rule. I feared that the future of the country would be worrisome. The purpose of this rally of Trump was to take revenge on the Republicans who voted in favor of a second impeachment hearing against him.

A rally was held Saturday at the Lorraine County Fairgrounds near Cleveland, Ohio, to support Trump’s aide in the White House, Max Miller. Miller is challenging House of Representatives member and Republican leader Anthony Gonzalez for a seat in parliament.

Trump rally in the style

Gonzalez is among 10 party members in the House of Representatives who voted to impeach Trump over his alleged role in the mob attack on the January 6 Capitol building. Trump referring to the presidential election “We had won a big victory, but they did something that should not be allowed to anyone,” he said at the rally.