Travelers from 60 low-risk countries will no longer have to isolate in the UK for 14 days

British airways

London: The UK announced on Friday that it will offer non-segregated international travel to people coming from around 60 countries with a low risk of coronavirus. Countries like India and the USA are not included in this facility. It has released a list of countries in which the risk of fatal coronavirus disease is now significantly lower. There has been no change in the UK Foreign Office’s travel advisory on India. The Foreign Office has asked UK citizens to avoid “all non-essential international visits”. However, travelers from 60 countries with less risk will not have to live in isolation in the UK, India, and America are not included in such countries with travel facilities.

Countries with low risk of corona virus include Germany, France, Spain and Italy as well as Australia and New Zealand. Countries in the Asian region include Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam as well as the Caribbean, Mauritius and Seychelles. Britain’s Transport Minister Grant Sheps said on Friday, “Today we are going to take another important step to reopen our great country with caution. Now someone wants to take a holiday or travel abroad for their business, we are opening our doors again. This is good news for the people and businessmen of Britain. “

The Transport Minister said, “The whole country has worked tirelessly to reach this point. Security should be important for us and if the number of infected people increases again in the countries with which we are going to join, we will not hesitate to take steps to protect ourselves as soon as possible. ” According to the Covid-19 lockdown rules issued in the UK last month, travelers coming to the UK from different parts of the world were required to either remain in isolation or remain isolated for two weeks. According to the newly announced steps, travelers coming from countries in the Green Zone will be exempt from conditional segregation. There should be no record of these travelers coming or traveling through any country outside the Green Zone in the last 14 days. The new rules will be effective from July 10th.