Tragedy Strikes Hajj Pilgrimage: Jordan Mourns 14 Dead, 17 Missing Amidst Scorching Heat

Tragedy Strikes Hajj Pilgrimage

Amman: Amman has been struck by sorrow as Jordan announced on Sunday the tragic loss of 14 citizens during the sacred Hajj rituals in Saudi Arabia. The Foreign Ministry, through spokesman Sufian Qudah, revealed that efforts are underway in collaboration with Saudi officials to either bury the deceased according to Islamic rites within the kingdom or repatriate them upon their families’ wishes, as reported by Xinhua.

The ministry’s statement, while not delving into specifics, confirmed that 17 pilgrims from Jordan remain unaccounted for, with search operations persisting. This distressing news follows an earlier announcement by the ministry citing heat stroke as the cause of death for six Jordanians amidst the pilgrimage.

Adding to the grim tally, Pirhossein Koulivand, head of the Iranian Red Crescent, disclosed that five Iranian pilgrims have also succumbed during this year’s Hajj in Mecca and Medina. The circumstances of their demise remain unclarified.

Tragedy Strikes Hajj Pilgrimage

The Hajj pilgrimage stands as one of Islam’s five pillars, drawing approximately 1.8 million faithful to endure temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. The demanding conditions of performing many rituals in the open air and on foot have posed significant risks, particularly to older participants.

While Saudi authorities have yet to release specific details on these incidents, they have taken proactive steps to mitigate the extreme heat. Measures include establishing climate-controlled zones, distributing water generously, and offering guidance on sun protection for all pilgrims.