Thousands of people came on streets against Putin in Russia, demand for resignation intensified


Moscow: The anger of the people against President Vladimir Putin is increasing in the remote areas of Russia. Thousands of local people have taken to the streets after the arrest of the very popular governor of this area and are demanding Putin’s resignation. The protesters are raising slogans and demanding the release of local governor Sergei Furgal. The governor has been arrested on suspicion of multiple deaths.

These protests have taken place in the border areas of Khabarovsk and several other towns adjacent to China. People of the Russian Security Service have launched a massive campaign after Putin’s path to power remained clear until 2036. It is being told that Sergei came to power in the year 2018 after defeating the supporters of Putin. Now the biggest search operation has been conducted against them so far.

Earlier last week, a famous defense journalist was arrested for allegedly spying for the Czech Republic. Not only this, the house of human rights activist Mikhail Khodorkovsky was raided. Mikhail had planned a demonstration against the constitution. Western analysts say that this arrest indicates that Putin has gained votes by playing and it can become a problem for him at any time.