This girl was held responsible for the ship stuck in the Suez Canal

Marwa Elselehdar Suez

Now came forward and told world the truth

Cairo: The first female ship captain of Egypt was shocked when she was blamed for the Suez Canal Blockage in the Suez Canal. However, when the truth came out later, it was discovered that it was a fake news campaign. A picture became increasingly viral on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, accusing 29-year-old Marwa Elselehdar Suez. In fact, a huge cargo ship got stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal last month, which was evacuated after a week of efforts.

At the time of this blockage, Sylhetar was in Alexandria, another city in the country. Now she has told the BBC about this fake news, ‘I felt that I am being targeted because I am a successful woman in this field or (Marwa Elselehdar Captain) because I am from Egypt but I am clear Can’t say anything in general. “He further said,” People of our society still cannot accept that a girl can stay away from her family and work in the sea. “

Marwa Elselehdar Suez

Photo tampering
To put the blame on Sylhetar, that picture was taken, which was put on a news story of the Arab News website. This photo has been tampered with. Silheather said, that fake article was printed in English and went on to spread to other countries as well (Marwa El Selehdar Suez). I tried hard to deny what was written in it, but it was hurting my reputation and all the efforts that I have come here so far. ”In 2015, she was the first to navigate the Aida 4, a training vessel in the Suez Canal. Captain was made.

The big ship was trapped in the canal
At the same time, when talking about the Suez Canal blockage, a big cargo ship suddenly got stuck here, due to which traffic jams occurred on both sides of the route. This ship remained stuck like this for about a week. The Suez Canal administration made several attempts to get him out (Marwa Elselehdar Suez Canal). The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. Trade between Asia and Europe is done through this route. Had this route not been done, ships would have had to resort to another long route, where not only would it take longer but also required more fuel.