‘They know they can’t win a world war’, Putin slams Western countries


Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that a US surveillance plane was also working with Britain’s destroyer during the Black Sea incident last week. Moscow said that on June 23, warplanes dropped bombs en route to the British destroyer Defender to help the ship escape from near the Crimean peninsula. Britain denied the incidents and said that there was no firing on its vessel and it was in Ukrainian waters.

Asked whether the incident could spark World War III, Putin said that even if Russia had sunk a British warship, it was unlikely because Western powers knew they would not win in a global battle. can. Putin said in a lengthy live call-in show on Wednesday that the US plane’s mission was probably to monitor the Russian military’s response to the British destroyer. He said Moscow was aware of America’s intentions and responded accordingly to avoid disclosing sensitive data.

Britain also considers Crimea to be part of Ukraine
Britain said last Wednesday’s incident that its ship Defender was on regular operations on an internationally recognized travel route and in Ukrainian waters near Crimea. Like most countries of the world, Britain considers Crimea to be part of Ukraine, while Russia separated this peninsula.


Infiltrating ships can be targeted: Putin
Russia condemned the defender’s move as “provocative” and warned that infiltrating ships could be targeted the next time they tried to test the resolve of the Russian military. On a question related to the ongoing tug-of-war with Ukraine, Putin said that the people of Russia and Ukraine have been associated with each other for a long time, but the Ukrainian leadership is hostile to Russia.

During the long call-in show, the Russian President spent most of the time discussing domestic issues. He expressed hope that despite the increase in new infections, the nationwide lockdown could be avoided.