These beautiful islands of the world may disappear by the 21st century! Know what is the reason


New Delhi: Due to modernization and industrialization, the environment is changing rapidly. Many problems are arising due to this change in the environment, one of which is global warming. Due to global warming, there is a constant movement inside the earth. Due to this increasing movement, the problem of emergencies like heavy rainfall, flood, drought, storm, and cyclone is increasing worldwide. Experts are also being told that the ice frozen at the poles will melt and the seawater will increase.

The result of this will be that the cities located on the seashore including the islands built in the sea will also be submerged in water. A long time ago, in a study done by American scientist Beno Gutenberg, it was revealed that seawater is increasing very fast. For this, Gutenberg studied the data of the last 100 years. The melting of the polar ice is increasing the seawater. In the nineties, NASA has also confirmed this. The biggest danger from the rising water level in the sea is the sinking of beautiful islands. Many such islands will be submerged in water in less than the next 6 decades. So let’s know about those islands…

  • Maldives
    The Maldives is such a place full of beauty that almost all Asians would know about this island called a paradise for tourists. This island is also called the pride of the Indian Ocean. There are luxurious resorts and even underwater hotels for tourists visiting here. But many institutions, including the World Bank, are afraid that according to the water of the surrounding seas is increasing, this island country may be submerged in water for the next century.
  • Micronesia
    It is a continent made up of many islands. Micronesia is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean. This archipelago, which is about 2500 miles from Hawaii, is made up of 607 islands. Let us tell you that only 270 square miles of it are of land, including mountains and beaches. Many islands of Micronesia have also submerged due to rising sea levels, while many islands are becoming smaller in size. The island is also under threat of global warming.
  • Palau
    Palau This island country can also be a victim of global warming, Palau, an island country located in the Pacific Ocean, is also on the verge of being submerged. Since 1993, the seawater here has been increasing by about 0.35 inches every year. If the heat continues to increase at this speed, then in the coming time the water level will start rising at the rate of 24 meters annually. According to an estimate of experts, this may happen by 2090. After this, it will be very difficult to save Plau Island.
  • Solomon Islands
    This group, consisting of about 1000 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, is sinking very fast. According to a report in Reader’s Digest, since 1993, that is, since the beginning of monitoring it, the water around this island group has been rising by 8 mm every year. Not only this, 5 islands of this island group have been submerged. Because of this, there is a fear of its drowning in the future.
  • Fiji
    This beautiful island located in the South Pacific Ocean is also in danger due to global warming. According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, melting polar ice will take it under the sea over the next few decades. These 5 beautiful islands are on the verge of extinction due to global warming.