The havoc of Corona! British PM Boris Johnson’s visit to India canceled

Boris Johnson

London: British Prime Minister Borris Johnson’s visit to India has been canceled. He was scheduled to visit India next week, but the tour has been canceled due to the Corona crisis. Earlier, he was scheduled to attend the January 26 event as the chief guest but had canceled his tour. In this way, Boris Johnson has canceled his plan to come to India twice in a row. According to information received by the British Foreign Ministry, he has postponed his visit to India next week due to the Corona crisis.

Instead, India’s PM Narendra Modi and Boris Johnson will discuss the relationship between the two countries by the end of this month and talk about future plans. Apart from this, he will remain in constant touch. The two leaders may meet in the coming years this year. A joint statement can be issued by both countries regarding the cancellation of Boris Johnson’s tour by the end of this month. Opposition parties of Britain were also attacking him for Boris Johnson’s visit to India. Opposition parties said that they should avoid going on foreign trips in that situation like the Corona crisis in Britain.

Boris Johnson

Steve Reid of Britain’s Labor Party strongly opposed Johnson’s visit to India. He had said, ‘The UK government is telling people not to travel if it is not necessary and I do not understand why PM Boris Johnson cannot discuss a zoom meeting with the Indian government. In this era, many of us do it here. I think the PM and those who are in public life should set an example. ‘