Technical problem with Kamala Harris’s plane on trip to Guatemala and Mexico, plane returned

Technical problem with Kamala Harris's plane

Joint Base Andrews (USA): The plane of US Vice President Kamala Harris returned to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland 30 minutes after taking off due to a technical problem. Harris left for Guatemala and Mexico on Sunday. The ‘Air Force Two’ plane landed safely here and as he exited, Harris signaled ‘thumbs up.

He said, “I am fine, fine. We even prayed a little, and we are fine.” After about an hour and a half, the Vice President left in another plane. Harris spokeswoman Simon Sanders told reporters that after takeoff, crew members noticed a problem with the ‘landing gear’, which could have caused some more technical issue.

“However, there was no emergency problem related to security. However, with full security, we returned to JBA, where they had all the equipment to fix it.” Sanders was also on board the plane with Harris.