Taiwan responds to China’s threat, says- ‘If you attack, we will fight till the last day’


Taipei: Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said on Wednesday that the island would defend itself until “the last day” if China (China) attacked. Joseph Wu said China’s efforts to reconcile with military threats are giving the island residents “mixed signals”. China claims that Taiwan is its territory. Wu said 10 Chinese warplanes flew into Taiwan’s airspace on Monday and have deployed an aircraft carrier group to practice near Taiwan.

“We are ready to defend ourselves without question,” Wu told reporters. If we need to fight a war, we will fight a war, and if we have to defend ourselves till the last day, we will defend ourselves. ” China does not recognize Taiwan’s democratically elected government, and Chinese leader Xi Chinfing has said that the “integration” of the two cannot be deferred indefinitely.


Wu said in a ministry briefing, “They want to attract the Taiwanese people by sending their condolences to one side, but at the same time they are also sending their military aircraft and military ships close to Taiwan to intimidate the people of Taiwan.” Could. ” Wu said, “China is sending mixed signals to Taiwanese people….”

The huge improvement in China’s military capabilities and its increasing activities around Taiwan have raised concerns for the US, which is legally obliged to assure that Taiwan is capable of defending itself. Taiwan and China were separated between civil war in 1949 and most of the Taiwanese are in favor of maintaining the current state of de facto independence by continuing strong economic exchanges with the mainland.