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Muktada al-Sadr

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Obama's memoir

The first part of Obama’s memoir will be released on November 17

New York: The first segment of the memoir of former US President Barack Obama will appear on November 17, two weeks after polling day....

US government will file a lawsuit against Google!

Washington: The US Department of Justice is likely to file a lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, alleging that the veteran IT company (IT) has...
us and china

China warns about US-Taiwan economic talks

Taipei: China on Monday warned the US that relations between the two countries could be "severely damaged" if it did not cancel its upcoming...

SC asks Centre to discuss ticket price refund issue with airlines

New Delhi: The Supreme Court Friday asked the Centre and the airline companies to discuss modalities for full refund of tickets for domestic and...
Explosion near Azerbaijan oil-gas reserves

Explosion near Azerbaijan oil-gas reserves of the Caspian Sea

Moscow: A powerful explosion took place on Sunday near Azerbaijan's huge gas and oil rig located off the coast in the Caspian Sea, and...