Sensational statement of Hillary Clinton’s aide, accusing MP of sexual harassment, narrated her ordeal


Washington: Huma Abedin, an aide of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has accused a US lawmaker of committing objectionable acts. In her new book, Huma Abedin said that a well-known senator had invited her to his house for coffee, then suddenly kissed her without her permission. Huma Abedin has written a book called Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds in which this incident is mentioned. Huma is very close to the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Hillary used to trust Huma so much that once she even told Huma to her second daughter.

Huma was shocked by the US lawmaker’s behavior as she felt comfortable with him. But soon after the incident, Huma had come out of the MP’s house. This incident dates back to the 2000s. Huma did not reveal the name of the senator. 45-year-old Huma told in a TV interview- ‘She kissed in a very surprising way.’ I didn’t know how to deal with such an incident. I suppressed the incident. My personal opinion is this…


Huma told that after the incident the senator apologized for a long time and tried to make sure that I was fine. Later the relationship between us got back to normal.