Schools will open in Washington, students will have to wear masks

Schools will open in Washington

Olympia: Washington authorities in the US have said that all schools in the state will be fully open to students in 2021-22 and that students and staff must wear masks. The Washington State Department of Health issued the guidelines on Thursday, stating that they have been prepared to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection.

Schools will open in Washington

The directive to apply the masks could be embroiled in controversy as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday that people who have taken both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine are not required to wear masks when going out or inside. Only people over 12 years of age can get the anti-Covid-19 vaccine in Washington state. In Washington, about 1.1 million students study in schools. Schools have stated in their guidelines that if the distance of six feet cannot be adhered to, then all people will have to wear masks outside as well as indoors.