Satya Nadella condemned hate attacks against Asian-Americans

Saying violence has no place in our society

Satya Nadella

Washington: Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella and several US lawmakers have stated that they are angry with the continuing hatred of Asian Americans. And condemn all forms of hatred, racial discrimination and violence. The Asian American group reported that according to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) statistics, there have been more than three thousand incidents of abuse of Asian Americans between March and December 2020, compared to 216 in 2019.

Violence has no place in our society
Nadella tweeted, “I am angry at the incessant hate incidents happening to Asian Americans and Asian communities around the world, naxism, hatred and violence have no place in our society.” I stand united with the Asian and Asian American community against injustice.

Satya Nadella

“Brutal” attacks on Asian-Americans in a spirit of hatred against American sentiment
The day before Nadella’s tweet, US President Joe Biden said that a “brutal” attack on Asian-Americans with a sense of hatred during a global pandemic in the country is against American sentiment. Microsoft said in a statement that it condemned all forms of hatred, racial discrimination and violence.

Bill to curb incidents of hate crimes and violence
Meanwhile, many lawmakers have spoken out to unite to introduce a bill that would curb incidents of increased hate crimes and violence against the ‘Asian American and Pacific Islanders’ (AAPI) community during the Kovid-19 epidemic. Expressing concern over these incidents, MP Donald M. Payne said, “I strongly condemn the attacks and abuse on Asian Americans during the epidemic.”

A large number of MPs also condemned these incidents
Donald said, “Hate and violence have no place in America. These attacks must stop because they are cowardly attacks on innocent people and hold the American people responsible for the epidemic that started Hazare miles away ……. ” A large number of MPs, including MP Diane Fintan, also condemned the incidents.