Russia-Ukraine war so far, more than 7 thousand civilians died, more than 11 thousand injured

ukrain war

Kyiv: The Russia-Ukraine war, which has been going on since February last year, has attracted the attention of the whole world. Russia has created a terrible devastation on the land of Ukraine. The war caused at least 18,483 civilian casualties in Ukraine. According to the United Nations Human Rights Agency, at least 7,068 civilians were killed and at least 11,415 were injured in Russia’s war against Ukraine from 24 February to 22 January. The agency pointed out that the actual figure is expected to be much higher as information from areas of ongoing hostilities is delayed, and many reports of civilian casualties still need to be confirmed.

Ukraine has been left without electricity by daily bombings, with Russia targeting civilian infrastructure including several power stations in Ukrainian cities, causing blackouts in the country. Many countries have come forward to help Ukraine in this bad situation. Now news has come that Sweden will provide equipment to restore energy supply to Ukraine. The Swedish government allowed state-owned grid operator Svenska Kraftnat to move materials that could be used to restore Ukraine’s power system, the Kyiv Independent reported.

Russia resumes bombing of Ukraine

Ukraine has claimed that now the possibility of second mobilization in the war has increased. In the midst of continuous defeat in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is soon going to recruit 5 lakh new soldiers in his army. Due to which it has become a fear that Russia may launch a major attack on Ukraine again. On the other hand, those who have three or more children can also be recruited in the army because now that rule has been removed.