Russia may invite Afghanistan’s Taliban government, for international talks

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Moscow: Emphasis is being placed on recognition after the announcement of the formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Russia can take a big decision in the coming days. Russia may invite the Taliban for international talks. News agency AFP quoted agencies as saying that Russia will invite the Taliban for international talks in Moscow on October 20.

Earlier it was reported that the Taliban had decided to organize an event on the day of forming the government, which was later canceled.

The special thing was that the Taliban had sent invitations to some countries to participate in this program. According to media reports, the Taliban had sent invitations to Turkey, China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, and Qatar in their program. Let us tell you that the Taliban had formed their government with simplicity and did not do any big program of any kind.

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However, the US President’s Office said recently that America is not in a hurry to recognize the new government in Afghanistan and is in talks with the Taliban to evacuate its citizens from the troubled country.