Russia and Ukraine war updates: Ukraine destroyed Russian missiles and 2 drones

34 thousand Russian soldiers died in the war

Ukraine destroyed Russian missiles and 2 drones

Kyiv: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for almost 4 months. On Tuesday, the 118th day of the war, Ukraine’s air force claimed it had destroyed a Russian missile, two drones, and two ammunition depots. Ukraine Airforce shared this information on Facebook. The Air Force shot down two drones in the Kyiv and Donetsk regions, the statement said.

In the midst of the war, Russia has captured two former American soldiers from Ukraine, their names are Alexander Drucke and Andy Huinh. Russia claims that both of them were involved in the war on behalf of Ukraine. Ukrainian officials say that both of them had joined the Ukrainian army on their own to fight Russia.

Ukraine destroyed Russian missiles and 2 drones

Russia and Ukraine war updates

  • Ukraine claims that between February 24 and June 21, the Ukrainian army killed about 34 thousand 100 Russian soldiers. On Tuesday, the Ukrainian army also killed 26 Russian soldiers.
  • Russian troops opened fire in Kharkiv’s industrial district, injuring seven civilians. Kyiv has also been bombed.
  • On June 21, US Attorney General Merrick Garland made a surprise visit to Ukraine. The purpose of this visit of Merik was to identify and prosecute Russians involved in war crimes. During this time he announced the appointment of a senior solicitor to help with the investigation of Russian war crimes.
  • On the 118th day of the war, Ukrainian forces attacked a platform to extract oil from the Black Sea in the Russian-held Crimea province. Ukraine has attacked a major Russian base outside for the first time in this war that has been going on for nearly four months.
  • On the other hand, accepting the Russian occupation of a large area of ​​the former cities of Severodonesk and Lisichensk has increased attacks in the southern province.
  • The Russian-backed regional chief informed that three people were injured, while seven personnel were missing in an attack by Ukrainian forces on the outskirts of Crimea. The Kremlin has also acknowledged missing personnel in Crimea.
  • A British intelligence officer has claimed the first successful use of Western-provided Harpoon anti-ship missiles by the Ukrainian military. On the other hand, Russian forces claimed to have captured the Seversky Donetsk river area and the city of Toshkivka near the city of Severodonesk in eastern Ukraine early on Tuesday.
  • Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, 39 cargo ships from 14 countries are stranded in the Ukrainian port of Odessa. These ships are unable to leave for four months due to the blockade of the Russian Navy in Kalasagar. In the past, the Odessa port has suffered heavy damage due to Russian shelling.
  • The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov has been auctioned for $103.5 million. An unknown buyer bought the Nobel prize that Muratov had received last year for his defense of the Freedom of Expression with Philippine journalist Maria Rassa.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Russia will intensify attacks ahead of a council meeting on the inclusion of his country in the European Union (EU). EU leaders may support Ukraine’s membership at the summit later this week.