‘Rule of 6’ applied to compete with Covid-19 in Britain


London: The so-called “Rule of Six” came into force in Britain on Monday, allowing the police to take action against a program involving more than six persons and impose a fine of 100 pounds. Has got the right to The new rule, announced last week by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was ‘Indoor and Outdoor’ in the UK and only ‘indoor’ in Wales, with Corona Virus cases rising again in the UK. ‘(Within) will apply.

Britain’s Home Minister Preeti Patel said, “All of us across the country have made many sacrifices in the fight against the corona virus. The recent increase in cases has made it clear that more steps need to be taken to prevent the spread of the disease. ”

The Indian-origin minister said, “From Monday the new rule will give the police the right to take action against anyone who violates the rule of six. While we are fighting the fight against this virus, I appeal to the public not to participate in any program which has more than six people. Whether the program is in or out. “