President Trump wore face mask for the first time, said – it’s a good thing to wear a mask


Washington: US President Donald Trump was seen wearing a mask for the first time in public on Saturday during a military hospital visit. This is the first time the US President has publicly appeared to cover his face to avoid a global pandemic as advised by health professionals. Trump flew by helicopter to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in suburban Washington to meet healthcare personnel and injured military personnel caring for 19 patients.

“Especially when you are in a hospital, I think we should wear masks,” he told reporters while leaving the White House. Trump was seen wearing a mask in Walter Reid’s corridor. However, he did not wear a mask when he landed from the helicopter. Corona virus has infected 3.2 million people in the US and has killed at least 1,34,000 people.

Trump may have been seen wearing a mask for the first time, but many top Republican leaders, including the country’s Vice President Mike Pence, use masks in public places. Earlier, Trump refused to wear masks at press conferences, rallies and other public places. People close to Trump told ‘AP’ that the president fears this time wearing masks will make him seem weak and that it will focus people’s attention on the public health crisis rather than financially recovering.