Political crisis deepens in Italy, PM Kante busy trying to save the government

Giuseppe Conte

Rome: Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of Italy, during his address to the lower house of parliament on Monday, will request to save his government from falling, which will keep the economy of the country affected by the epidemic. The plans of getting back on track have come under attack from allies.

Conte’s government has lost a majority after changing its membership of cabinet members to former Prime Minister Matteo Renji’s small but prominent party Italia Viva Party. Conte will address the lower house on Monday and the Senate on Tuesday. After both addresses there will be a voice vote, which is similar to the vote to prove majority.

Voting in the Senate is considered decisive, with Renji’s party having 18 members. In Italy, no party had a majority in the 2018 elections, after which Conte formed a government by forming an alliance with five parties. This alliance of right-wing parties was named ‘Five Stars’, headed by League party leader Matteo Selvini.

Giuseppe Conte

After the resignation of the country’s Home Minister Selwini, Kante’s government has come to a minority. During the first phase of the corona virus epidemic, Kante was running the government with ease, but later he was forced to make decisions and formulate policies without consulting Parliament. After this, Kanto also formulated a plan for the management of funds from the European Union itself. His attitude was seen as too much power show