Pakistan has become a pauper, Imran Khan created situation, shocking report


Islamabad: Pakistani media has expressed concern over the current situation in the country, terming Prime Minister Imran Khan as a leader who sells dreams. Taking the dream of a new Pakistan, Imran often told people that ‘do not panic’, but in real terms now the country is going through the biggest economic crisis in history.

According to the report of Pakistan’s English newspaper ‘The News International’, since the coming to power of Imran Khan, the country is facing a deep economic crisis. It has been said in the report that the country needs foreign aid of $ 51.6 billion at this time. With this money, he will be able to meet the basic needs of his country in the financial year of two years (2021-23).

According to the report, Pakistan needs $23.6 billion in 2021-22 and $28 billion in 2022-23. This estimate has been made after the IMF report. Currently, Pakistani officials are in the final stages of talks with the IMF regarding the demand for foreign aid for the country.

World Bank report on pakistan

In a recent report, the World Bank had reported that Pakistan has joined the list of top ten countries with the largest foreign debt borrowers. Quoting International Debt Statistics 2022, the Pakistani newspaper said that Pakistan has now joined the list in which it has a huge debt and will no longer be given foreign aid. The World Bank report also said that Pakistan’s foreign debt has increased by 8%. In June this year, another report revealed that the Imran government had borrowed $442 million from the World Bank.

Now the demand for Pakistan’s loan from World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been rejected. After this, running the country will become a headache for Pakistan in the coming times. In any case, he will have to make an agreement with the IMF for an extended loan of $ 6 billion. But for this, the IMF can impose many conditions.